Planning for the future

As we continue to expectantly read or watch the latest media report about COVID-19 in the community, South Australia’s response to date has proven to be effective in limiting the spread, and people continue to do all they can to protect our elderly and vulnerable by following restrictions on the way we live, work and interact.

While we remain in unchartered waters and life is anything but ‘business as usual’, we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the ongoing care, safety and wellbeing of our many clients, families and staff.

Our Coronavirus Response Plan outlines our response to this global pandemic, including the many precautionary measures and actions we have implemented in the best interests of the people we support.

You can read our Coronavirus Response Plan at this link.

While we have all seen the scenes of hoarding goods and people ignoring self-isolation requirements, we have also witnessed examples of goodwill and humanity shining brightly too as we look after one another. Amongst the Minda community we have seen our staff, families and friends unite together with the common purpose of providing surety and consistency to the lives of our clients.

What this pandemic has also brought into clear focus is the importance of living and demonstrating our values – heart, opportunity, respect, community and most importantly, empathy.

It is critical to maintain focus on the bigger picture, live our values, and show commitment to our vision and mission at every opportunity. Our Strategic Plan 2020-2023 ensures we have a platform to grow and flourish once the world emerges from the other side of this pandemic – and in time this difficult period will be over.  

Ever since we began in 1898 we have remained steadfast in our vision to be a world leader in cognitive disability care, services and housing. Our passion remains fuelled by doing all we can so people can live their best life of their own choosing. Everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential, achieve goals and contribute to their communities.

Our 122-year history demonstrates our ability to adapt, change and respond to tough times and periods of change. Our organisation has endured two world wars, survived economic recessions in the early 1980s and 90s and came through the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

More recently, we have adapted in response to unprecedented transformation within the disability sector, and embraced new opportunities created by the NDIS and the fundamental shift in how supports for people with disability are funded and delivered across Australia.

There has been plenty of milestone moments to celebrate too. We have expanded our services to meet growing demand, and our footprint now extends well into outer suburbs and regional areas. Transformation of our Brighton site through the Master Plan has seen state-of-the-art living options created, the construction of Brighton Dunes and focussed investment in supported employment through SA Group Enterprises.

Like every journey, it’s important to look out the windscreen rather than the rear-view mirror, and the Strategic Plan offers a roadmap to ensure our sustainability and success.

You can read our Strategic Plan 2020-2023 at this link.

Your support, counsel and dedication to the lives of South Australians with cognitive disability is truly appreciated. The catchcry about how we are all in this together rings especially true when you experience the love, care and compassion shown across our entire Minda community.

Keep looking after each other and continue to stay healthy and safe.  

Joanne Denley                                                                 Dr Clare Allen
Board Chair                                                                      Chief Executive Officer