Pam Aagaard – Premier’s Certificate of Recognition

Volunteering at Minda has become quite the family affair for Pam Aagaard, but more importantly she says it’s a “privilege” to be able to give back.

A regular volunteer in Minda’s Independent Support Services (ISS) team, Pam’s willingness to always lend a hand with whatever is needed has been acknowledged with a nomination for the Premier’s Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer service.

“Minda means everything,” Pam says. “We’ve got a son who has been a Minda client for probably 20 years and the services he has received have been fantastic, that’s probably a lot of the reason why I volunteer is because I want to give back for everything Minda has given to our son and our family.”

Always more than happy to lend a hand in other areas of Minda, from fundraising at a Bunnings barbecue to Christmas Gift Wrapping in Adelaide Arcade, Pam has also recruited her entire family to help out at Minda in one way or another.

To be nominated for the Premier’s Certificate, she says is both an honour and humbling.

“There’s a lot of other people that also volunteer for Minda and I think everybody deserves recognition for all they do.

“It just helps the Minda community to grow and prosper by having people who are happy to come and help in all the different areas.

“It's an absolute privilege to volunteer here.”