Navigating the NDIS

With the end of the year edging closer and the staged rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme to adults launching in July, it has been important for Minda to guide the people we support and their families through the transition.

One of the most important ways people can access the support and services they need is through comprehensive pre-planning.

Pre-planning describes the process of getting ready for an initial meeting with the National Disability Insurance Agency, a meeting that determines funding for services supports for the year ahead.

To ensure plan funding is maximised (and the person with disability gets the best outcome) the pre-planning process is of vital importance and Minda has invested in a variety of tools to help people with disability and their families get ready for their NDIA meeting.

Anyone who needs to navigate the Disability Sector for support for themselves or a loved one knows firsthand how confusing and confronting it can be, and Minda’s web-based app MyChoices offers a user-friendly solution that puts power literally back into the hands of people.

People are under no obligation to engage Minda as a server provider, but those that do can tap into the opportunities available through Disability Choices and our full suite of services.

We have also developed a pre-planning guide which captures information relevant for the initial NDIA meeting; people are encouraged to work through the guide, capturing information about their goals, what’s important to them, the support they currently receive and how they spend their time.

The guide has been mailed to the families of the people Minda supports and is also available from Disability Choices and the Minda website.

We hope the guide and also MyChoices tool will ensure that the people we support and their families will have a clear outline of their support needs before they meet with the NDIA.