Minda with Alliance20

Since 1898 Minda has provided support and opportunity to South Australians with disability – 120 years later, we continue our efforts for an inclusive community that respects individual differences, embraces cultural diversity and offers an environment which is rich in understanding, acceptance and social tolerance.

The viability of the sector and wellbeing of the people we support is paramount, and we are proud to work in collaboration with Alliance20 to ensure our customers and their families achieve the best outcomes, putting choice and control back into their hands.

The official Alliance20 launch was held on Tuesday 23 October at Parliament House in Canberra, a group of Australia’s largest disability service providers who have formed to advocate for improved outcomes for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants and their families.

Some key NDIS challenges identified by the group include NDIS travel funding not covering service provision costs in regional and remote Australia, (read more here), and a drop in the intake of new employees, despite the NDIS objective to facilitate employment opportunities for people with disability (read more here).

As an organisation with a significant cohort of customers with high and complex needs, we’ve also encountered issues around having adequate, individualised plans developed that address the level of funding and services required. You can read more about Alliance20 concerns and proposed solutions here.

As a group of industry-leading organisations with experience across the sector, Alliance20 is trying to find solutions for NDIS participants and their families, creating positive outcomes that empower people with disability with choice and opportunity.

We’re committed to the success of the NDIS and have built a positive relationship with the National Disability Insurance Agency; as a member of Alliance20, we look forward to collaborating further with the sector, the community and key stakeholders to find practical solutions to achieve NDIS goals.