Minda 2020 - Our Vision for the Future


Minda operates in what is arguably Australia’s fastest growing and evolving sector, and there can be no doubt that our organisation will look and feel quite different in the years ahead.

Cathy Miller says the expanded rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme had been a game-changer for the broader sector, and prompted the development of a new strategy – Minda 2020 – to ensure focus on innovation and sustainability initiatives to grow and thrive in such a fast-moving and highly-competitive environment.

“We have seen the arrival of interstate and overseas competitors into the local sector, and it is Minda’s commitment to continue to do all it can to reflect bestpractice as a market leader – and our Minda 2020 strategy offers solutions for us to achieve ongoing sustainability,” Cathy says.

“The rapid rate at which the Australian disability sector is changing suggests that Minda will look and feel quite different over the course of time, which is why we have evolved and broadened our focus to embrace aged care and seniors living, education, social enterprises, consultancy and advocacy.”

Cathy continues: “It is no accident that we have become known as a market leader, and all of our staff and volunteers can share credit in making this happen. More recently, we have committed to a number of major investments to ensure our future success.”

The most obvious is Minda’s Master Plan at Brighton, which has already achieved life-changing benefits with the successful completion of Stage 1.

“It is fantastic that Stage 2 work is now underway, and in time it will create the largest disability support hub in South Australia,” Cathy says. “In addition, SA Group Enterprises recently announced acquisition of Wine Storage & Logistics (WSL) and WSL REPACK, which builds on our first commercial business acquisition in 2014, to focus our business model on self-generating income and creating employment opportunities.”

Everyone who wants to work should have that opportunity, and social enterprises assist people wanting to transition into open employment, and provide a sense of routine and achievement within a managed team environment.

Cathy says, “But while Minda plans to expand over time, what won’t change is the fact that the people we support will always remain at the heart of our planning and decision-making.”

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