Jan has a real love of volunteering

For not-for-profit organisations like Minda, volunteers are often the lifeblood that helps keep the wheels in motion and positive outcomes achieved.

It’s a veritable army of helping hands that make a real difference and you can see them everywhere from cooking barbecues, charity gift wrapping, taking people out into the community and all manner of roles.

But there are also volunteers you don’t see, people who give of themselves for others and none of us are any the wiser about the work they do.

Jan Hull is one of those volunteers.

For more than a decade, the affable Jan has been volunteering at Minda, currently with the marketing department.

“I was introduced to it by former Donor Relations Advocate Marion Zafry,” Jan says. “I knew her through Telethon and once you know Marion, you know you get involved.

“So, I just started helping her with events and it has grown from there.”

Once a week Jan now joins Data Analyst and Digital Specialist Val Jones and Fundraising Administration Officer Sandy Fuller in their office helping with whatever needs doing.

“There’s a bit of a routine, but it’s mostly what Val needs done in helping with financial stuff.

“I love it … I love the company, it’s lovely to mix with younger people it’s just something I really love doing. I’m not into playing sport or anything that requires that competitive nature, I haven’t got that, I just love volunteering.”

And volunteers, she says, are vital for organisations like Minda and others she also devotes her time to.

“There’s so much work that needs to be done and admin stuff just suits me fine.

“I help with keeping the database up-to-date. The paid staff have often got important immediate stuff to do, and I can help keep other things moving along for them.

“It’s just great, you go home feeling as though you’ve achieved something for the day.”

Minda has been a part of Jan’s life on and off throughout the years through different groups or activities, and she loves feeling a part of something with a purpose.

“Everything about Minda, the people, I love the people. I adore the environment here and I feel as though I’m working alongside people that work hard. I think as a volunteer you don’t want to work with people that are slacking off.

“Everybody here works hard and you feel as though you are a real support, you’re not just being handed something random.”

Are you considering volunteering at Minda? To find out how you can help, visit minda.asn.au or contact Minda’s Volunteer Services team at volunteers@minda.asn.au or call (08) 8422 6288.