Hydrotherapy Brings Joy

For 11-year-old Lilly, weekly hydrotherapy sessions with physiotherapist Alister Morton always bring a smile to her face.

Lilly’s mum Arika says Lilly just loves the water and that hydrotherapy is her ‘outlet’: “Lilly can get really frustrated, but she never gets frustrated in the pool,” she says.

“She asks for her hydrotherapy sessions constantly, they’re the highlight of her week … she just loves Alister and her face lights up when he comes along.”

An integral part of Lilly’s hydrotherapy sessions are Aqueas hydrotherapy wheelchairs, which were donated to Minda by Variety – the children’s charity.

“Lilly loves her swimming, and I don’t think she’d be able to do it without those chairs,” Arika says.

Lilly has accessed a number of services from Minda over the past year or so, including Support Coordination, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and now Physiotherapy and Vacation Care.

Fiona Turner, Disability Services Coordinator, Southern Disability Support, says Lilly and her family are now on their second NDIS plan.

“We have learnt so much on this journey and we continue to learn as we go,” Fiona says.

“Lilly’s parents Arika and Ray have experienced their fair share of hardship over the years. Over the past year, I have seen them work so hard at pushing through the difficult times and managing the challenges that come with the NDIS and accessing a range of services … they have been exceptional at putting the required services in place for their daughter.

“This family are fighters and have already achieved so much in the past year. With ongoing support from the family and from the staff at Minda, Lilly’s future is looking bright.”