Hollie's wholehearted approach to work

Hollie began her career with Minda after leaving High School, and like many of us, wasn’t initially sure what she wanted to do. It wasn’t until a suggestion to apply for a position at Minda, that Hollie got her foot in the door, and fifteen years later, she’s still a proud employee.

Hollie’s background at Minda ranges from both frontline direct care to corporate roles; including working as a Disability Support Worker, Support Leader, and Customer Relationship Officer. “I have been very fortunate to be able to experience a range of roles, in unique areas.” It’s these years of diverse experiences that now facilitate Hollie, in her position as Business Analyst.

Hollie is currently based in the Project Management Office (PMO), which is working with the business on a range of future state initiative projects. Hollie’s role focuses on understanding the operational pain points and identifying opportunities for improvement where people, process, data and technology are considered together.

Understanding the organisation holistically also helps Hollie better recognise the needs of staff and clients, and this contributes to her drive to create projects that positively impact others. “I am passionate about giving the clients that live here the most out of their lives, and as much control and decision making to them, as I can. They are at the centre of everything we do.”

Furthermore, Hollie says that knowing a lot of familiar faces, both clients and staff keeps her zest for the organisation, as well as embracing Minda’s values-based system. “Each of the values that Minda stand for; Heart, Opportunity, Respect, Community and Empathy represent what we are doing each day, and assists in guiding how we can improve.”

Looking ahead, Hollie says that while change is inevitable, her biggest drivers are “continuous improvement, moving forward and always staying motivated”.