Fresh start for Green thumb class of '21

It has been a fresh start for a new group of Certificate II Horticulture students, who began the SA Learning Centre course in early February.

The Cert II in Horticulture is an Envirocare initiative that was originally used to develop Supported Employee skills. It has now broadened to encompass schools with the intention of potential employment at Envirocare for school students, who are able to gain NDIS funding.

The course is structured with both practical and theory-based learning, with leaner assessment booklets and guides, running through all of the relevant topics, in conjunction with the trainers. 

Due to COVID, last year’s students adapted with an online zoom course to focus on the theory portion and delayed the practical component, until it was safe to do so.

With a less disruptive year anticipated for prospective students, the class of ‘21 will learn a variety of topics and get an overview of general horticulture practices.

Envirocare’s Horticulture Trainer and Assessor Alan Phillips says; “Students will learn about; irrigation, propagation, weed control, maintaining garden beds, WHS, machinery and planting shrubs. There is also a project on campus for the students to undertake, that covers the different units, such as renovating a garden bed.”

“Furthermore, students are able to focus on a particular aspect of horticulture based on their own area of interest, and the route they’d like to take.”

There are 16 students undertaking the course, from various schools across Adelaide. One of those new students is Jyle, who has been with Envirocare for a year.

Jyle has been doing general gardening at the main grounds of Minda Brighton: “I am looking forward to learning new skills and getting an overview of all topics in horticulture.”

Aside from the practical learning Alan says: “Students also gain life skills like increased confidence, socialising with others and making friendships based on similar interests.”