Great Outdoors Bring Reward

Working in the great outdoors has brought great reward and job satisfaction to Envirocare employee James Rault.

When James started with Envirocare, he was solely based at Minda Brighton, but with Envirocare expanding as a commercial enterprise, James now works across the Adelaide metropolitan area for organisations such as the ALH Group, SARAH Constructions and SA Housing.

“Each day I’ll be at different sites around the metropolitan area, which means I get to work on different tasks every day and I’m not always with the same supervisor,” James says.

“Mostly I’m doing mowing and grounds maintenance. I can be doing litter pick-ups, blowing down the paths, trimming hedges and of course the mowing.

“One of my favourite things about the job is planting. What I like most is to go past something I planted 12 months ago… I think, ‘gee I planted that and now it’s over one metre tall’. I find that really rewarding.”