Cliff's new career

Cliff brings with him some amazing experience as he joins Minda as a Disability Support Worker this month.

“A few years ago, I was an Essex police officer doing criminal activity surveillance!” Cliff says with a broad grin.

When Cliff retired from the UK police force and came to Australia he found he missed a couple of things: doing worthwhile service to the community; and being part of a team.

Living near to Minda Brighton he enquired about volunteering, decided to do the Cert III Disability course with SALC, and rediscovered his passion for community and teamwork.

“I recommend the SALC course to anyone interested in disability,” he says.

“Cliff is a really positive person, and was a real asset as a volunteer. It’s great that we now have him on the team as a support worker. It also shows how following your interests as a volunteer can lead to a career role that suits your skills and experience,” Volunteer Specialist Louise Fletcher says.