Celebrating Eleni’s success

Eleni Androutsis is one of our star employees who has been working in supported employment for Minda and SA Group Enterprises for a quarter of a century.

Eleni works in the Worklink Enclave Enterprise at SA Pathology, or as she affectionately calls it, the ‘A-Team’!

Her daily work includes packing pipette tips, marking tubes and dispensing media. She’s undertaken a variety of tasks over the years and has adapted her work to suit the needs of the business.

Late last year, Eleni was recognised for her dedication in the Stars of Minda annual supported employee awards, winning a Rotary Club of Somerton Park Pride of Workmanship Award.

“I didn’t expect to win an award. All I did was work, work and work, without any expectations of anything more,” she says.

Eleni says she hopes her success will inspire others on the autism spectrum.

“I would encourage people with disability to work with SA Group Enterprises and Minda,” she says.

“By working in supported employment, they can make new friends and increase their quality of life, like me.

“If they’re so lucky, they can even go in the Stars of Minda and win an award or trophy!”

Eleni says she has found so many nice people at work. Her favourite part of the job is packing the pipette tips.

Away from work, Eleni does karate, enjoys reading, and her special interests include spirituality, the environment and music.

Rebecca Lock from the SA Pathology Enclave says Eleni is an invaluable member of the team.

“Eleni shows dedication in her work by always wanting to do well and committing to doing her best in every task,” Rebecca says.

“Eleni is a true team player, showing a willingness to assist others, and playing a vital role in keeping the workplace clean, safe and in order.”

Our Commercial Enterprises are currently on the lookout for more supported employees to join the team. If you know anyone who might be interested, ask them or their carer to contact SA Group Enterprises on (08) 7231 4975.