120 Faces of Minda

Our ‘120 Faces of Minda’ is wrapping up soon, with only a few more faces left to appear on social media as we come to an end of our 120th anniversary year.

Some of our ‘120 faces’ who have recently been honoured on Facebook and Instagram for the important contribution they have made, and are making, at Minda are Walter Galka, Lyn Magee, Louise Toro and Henry Yip.

Walter worked at Minda for 42 years and during his service, was an outstanding role model, leader and innovator for the organisation. Walter’s enthusiasm, passion, empathy, drive and dedication to the people at Minda is what stands out the most.

Lyn Magee OAM is an Honorary Life Member of the Minda Association, and served on the Board of Minda for many years.

As the mother of Timothy, a long-time resident at Minda Brighton, Lyn brought to the Board insight from the perspective of a parent and offered commercial skills as a former senior executive and business owner.

Louise Toro is Team Leader for the Minda in the North day programs based at Elizabeth. After completing a Masters of Social Work she gained experience in child protection and supported accommodation services.

Louise loves her job at Minda and enjoys providing guidance, confidence and engaging programs for people with disability.

Henry Yip works at Catering Services where he knows every station, and his knowledge is often called upon to teach new staff. Henry is motivated and has tremendous initiative – he can identify and fix problems and actively seeks out things that need to be done.

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